4.3.1 Non-delegable and delegable powers


  1. The mayor cannot delegate the following powers: [1]

    • establishing processes for the council to engage with the people of Auckland

    • appointing the deputy mayor

    • establishing governing body committees and appointing the chairs of those committees

    • establishing the Office of the Mayor.

  2. This rule does not affect the deputy mayor’s ability to exercise these powers during a temporary absence and with the mayor’s consent [2], if the office of mayor is vacant [3], or the mayor is prevented from performing and exercising the role, in each case as discussed in Section 4.1.8: Election and tenure

  3. Otherwise, the mayor may approve delegates (including other elected members) to perform aspects of the mayoral role that are not restricted to the mayor by council’s bylaws, resolutions, policies or standing orders.

  4. The mayor must preside at each governing body meeting at which he/she is present unless he/she specifically vacates the chair [4].



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