Governance Manual

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4.2.2 Performing the role of the mayor in some circumstances


  1. With the mayor’s consent, the deputy mayor may perform the role and exercise mayoral powers during a temporary absence [1]. If the mayor gives consent to the deputy mayor to perform these responsibilities, he/she should record that consent in writing and inform the governing body.

  2. If the office of the mayor is vacant [2] or if the mayor is prevented from performing and exercising his/her powers (e.g. as a result of being physically or mentally incapacitated), the deputy mayor must perform the role and may exercise mayoral powers. In cases of uncertainty, it may be necessary for the council to apply to the High Court to resolve whether this situation has occurred. 

  3. The mayor and deputy mayor may agree that the deputy mayor will assist the mayor by undertaking certain mayoral duties.

  4. The practice has been for an additional council staff member to support the deputy mayor in this work, funded through the mayoral budget. The Office of the Mayor may also provide communications and other support to the deputy mayor, as agreed to by the mayor.



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