Governance Manual

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4.1.8 Election and tenure


  1. The mayor is elected as an office-holder by the people of Auckland every three years as part of local body elections [1]. The mayor comes into office on the day following public notice of the official result [2]. The previous mayor’s term expires at the same time.

  2. The Office of the mayor becomes vacant if he/she resigns, dies, is disqualified from office (which can occur if the mayor is convicted of an offence with a maximum penalty of more than two years imprisonment or is disqualified for registration as an elector under the Electoral Act 1993[3], or is absent without leave for four consecutive ordinary meetings of the governing body [4]. In these cases, the vacancy must be filled in accordance with the process outlined in legislation, which involves either a by-election or an appointment by the governing body, depending on the time until the next triennial election [5]. 

  3. The mayor cannot be removed from office by the governing body.



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