1. About the Auckland Council Governance Manual, He Puka Matarau


Wāhia atu te uhitai o Hinemoana, kia kitea te pae o uta, te pae o waho.

Clear away the mist to see the beauty of the land, and the splendour of the sea.


Auckland Council’s Governance Manual is an online, searchable guide to how the Auckland Council makes decisions. It outlines the council’s structures, relevant laws and conventions.

This is a living document and will develop as ways of doing things evolve over the months and years ahead. The online format means the latest version is always to hand; it is easy to search and navigate, and links through to further information when needed.

This manual will be of interest mostly to elected members and staff, council-controlled organisations, the Independent Māori Statutory Board, iwi and other major Auckland stakeholders. However, it may also be useful to anyone looking to engage with the council, understand how it works and get involved in the decision-making process.

If you find information that you think needs updating or adding, please send the link and comments through to governance@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz.



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