17.3 Election results


  1. Progress results are announced as soon as possible after 12 noon on election day.

  2. Preliminary results are announced once all votes received at service centres and libraries up until 12 noon on election day have been processed and delivered to the Electoral Officer. Final results are announced after all votes, including special votes, have been counted [1].

  3. Successful candidates are advised of progress and preliminary results as soon as possible by email or phone. Progress and preliminary results are released to the media and placed on the council’s website [2] as soon as possible after 12pm on election day.

  4. The declaration of results can be challenged through:

    • a judicial recount, on application to a District Court Judge from a candidate up to three days after the public declaration [3]

    • a judicial inquiry, by petition filed in the District Court by a candidate or 10 electors, within 21 days of the public declaration [4].

  5. Anyone wishing to challenge the results has to provide reasons and a deposit of $750 with the application to the Auckland District Court [5].



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