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17.2.4 Campaigning


There are rules on how candidates are to behave to ensure elections are fair and transparent. Rules include using council resources (see section 5), campaign costs and electoral signage (see below).

  1. Electoral donations

    Electoral donations are money, goods or services given to a candidate (or other person on the candidate’s behalf) for use in the candidate’s campaign [1]. Electoral donations, and contributions to donations, of more than $1,500 (incl. GST) must be declared in the candidate return of donations and expenses [2]. A series of donations made by one person that adds up to more than $1,500 must also be declared.

    The following are not deemed to be donations [3]:

    • volunteer labour
    • goods or services provided free of charge to a candidate, or to any person on the candidate’s behalf, that have a reasonable market value of $300 or less
    • money provided by the candidate for his/her campaign.

    If a person or organisation pays for goods or services that would otherwise be candidate election expenses, then the reasonable market value of those items should be recorded as an election expense. If the value exceeds $300 it should also be recorded as a donation.

    Candidates are not allowed to retain anonymous donations exceeding $1,500 [4].

  2. Campaign expenses

    The amount a candidate can spend on his or her campaign relates to the population of the area they stand for and should not exceed the limits in the Candidates' guide on electoral donations and expenses (for further information see Elections on the Auckland Council website).



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