14.3 Mayoral regalia – chains and robes


  1. Wearing a chain of office is a historical British custom continued by mayors in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Auckland Council inherited the chains of the seven legacy councils when it was formed and the decision was made not to create an Auckland Council mayoral chain. Current practice is for the mayor not to wear any chains when chairing governing body meetings but may wear the chain of a former legacy council when officiating at an event in the corresponding area.  The chains may be worn when officiating Citizenship Ceremonies and when attending ANZAC services.

  2. Other legacy ceremonial practices, such as having a mace at meetings, have been discontinued.

  3. Mayoral robes for Auckland Council have also not been created. However, the mayor may wear a korowai (cloak), presented as a gift by Māori in recognition of the mayor’s mana. A korowai may be given to the mayor as an individual, or for the mayor’s use in recognition of the role. The korowai is handed back at the retirement of the mayor and another gift provided for the outgoing mayor in recognition of service.



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