9.1.1 Appointment and tenure


  1. The chief executive is appointed by the council through the governing body [1] and the governing body may not delegate this responsibility to any other decision-making body or person [2]. To discharge its duties the governing body is supported by council staff and, where appropriate, external recruitment consultants.

  2. When appointing the chief executive, the council, through the governing body, must look for a person who will: [3]

    • discharge the specific responsibilities of the chief executive

    • instil in council employees a spirit of service to the community

    • promote efficiency in the council

    • be a responsible manager

    • maintain appropriate standards of integrity and conduct among council employees

    • ensure the council is a good employer

    • promote equal employment opportunities.

  3. The chief executive is initially appointed for a term of up to five years [4], with the possibility of being appointed for a second term of up to two years following a review of his/her employment [5].

  4. A review must be carcompleted at least six months before the end of the chief executive’s first term [6], unless the incumbent advises the governing body he/she does not wish to be considered for appointment for a second term [7].

  5. A subcommittee of councillors [8] reviews the chief executive’s employment on behalf of the governing body. During a review, the committee will assess the following factors before making a recommendation on the chief executive’s employment to the governing body: [9]

    • the chief executive’s performance

    • the chief executive’s skills and attributes, and the degree of alignment with the governing body’s requirements

    • any other factors the governing body considers relevant.

  6. Following a review, and before the end of the incumbent’s term, the council, through the governing body, must either appoint the incumbent for a second term of up to two years or advertise a vacancy [10]. If a vacancy is advertised, the incumbent may apply for the position. The council must give due consideration to the incumbent’s application [11].

  7. The chief executive has no right or expectation of re-appointment at the end of any term [12].



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