8.3.3 Rural Advisory Panel


  1. The Rural Advisory Panel was set up in 2010 to contribute to the rural outcomes of council plans which were later incorporated into the Auckland Plan. The panel’s role is to communicate shared interests of the rural sector and advise on policies and plans specific to this sector.

  2. The Rural Advisory Panel meets every two months. It comprises representatives of  the rural industries of Auckland, two councillors and three local board members from the Franklin, Rodney and Waitakere Ranges local board areas.

  3. Members of the panel are selected by the Mayor in consultation with rural councillors and in  consultation with relevant officers.  The chair is a councillor, appointed by the Mayor.

  4. Panel members are entitled to meeting fees as per the Auckland Council Fees Framework for Appointed Members unless they are representatives of an organisation or sector group or paid by the organisation they represent.  Elected members and members of the Independent Māori Statutory Board are not entitled to meeting fees.

  5. For more information, see the Terms of Reference on the relevant panel page of the Auckland Council website.




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