6.3.1 Local board plans


  1. In the first year after each election, the incoming local board is required to develop and adopt a new local board plan. These plans set the framework to guide local board decision-making and actions for the following three years. They set out each local board’s vision, strategic priorities and outcomes, as well as key projects and initiatives, and should reflect the aspirations and priorities of local communities.

  2. Local board plans form an important part of Auckland Council’s planning framework. The Auckland Plan sets the overall strategic direction for the region, while local board plans set the local direction.

  3. A local board plan’s purpose is to:

    • Reflect the priorities and preferences of the communities within each local board area in respect to the level and nature of local activities [1] to be provided by Auckland Council over the next three years.

    • Identify and describe the interests and preferences of the people within the local board area to enable the local board to communicate those interests and preferences to the governing body.

    • Provide a basis for developing each of the three subsequent local board agreements.

    • Inform the development of the next long-term plan.

    • Provide a basis for accountability of the local board to its communities.

    • Provide an opportunity for people to participate in decision-making processes on the nature and level of local activities to be provided by council within the board area.

  4. Each local board is required to use the special consultative procedure to formally consult with its community in the preparation of its local board plan. Boards also undertake a range of informal engagement activities to better engage with their community and to help them understand community preferences and priorities.

  5. All current local board plans are available on the Local Boards page of the council website [2].



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