6.1.1 Establishment of local boards


  1. Local boards were introduced to Auckland (and New Zealand) as part of Auckland’s local governance reforms, effective from 1 November 2010. At that time, the Government described the governing body / local board model as “a new and different form of local governance and the parties have been empowered to work together to ensure that an effective and appropriate balance is reached between regional and local interests [1]"

  2. Local boards have a significant and wide-ranging role that spans many council services and activities. Local boards make decisions on local matters, provide local leadership and enable strong local communities.

  3. The purpose of local boards is to:

    • enable democratic decision making by, and on behalf of, communities within the local board area

    • better enable the purpose of local government [2] through ensuring the 21 local boards cover all communities in Auckland Council's region.



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