6.5.4 Local Board Services


  1. Local Board Services provide dedicated support for the 21 local boards. This support includes:

    • policy and strategic advice

    • leadership of the preparation of local board plans

    • supporting the development of local board agreements each year

    • community engagement support, including constituent work

    • democracy and administrative support

    • advice and support (for the organisation) on engaging with local boards

    • coordinating planning and processes that cover all 21 local boards

    • leading organisational change programmes aimed at improving support for elected members.

  2. The department works with the rest of Auckland Council and the council controlled organisations to ensure local boards can carry out their governance role effectively. The advisory role of the department means that it will look at issues through a local lens as well as taking account of the region-wide picture. A key role of the department is to integrate advice from the rest of the organisation.

  3. The department reviews all reports for local board agendas. Final sign-off is with the relevant local-area manager for local board reports, and with the manager of Local Board Services for reports that go to all 21 local boards and for local board work programmes.

  4. The local-area manager is the chief executive’s delegate at local board business meetings.

  5. The support model for local boards is that Local Board Services provides the dedicated support, but the rest of the organisation provides subject matter expertise and support as required.



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