5.1.2 Decisions


  1. The governing body is responsible for making the following key decisions:

  2. Agreements are reached with local boards (as set out in local board agreements) regarding local activities [3].

  3. The governing body is also responsible for making the following decisions, which it cannot delegate to any other body:

    • make a rate [4]

    • make a bylaw [5]

    • borrow money, or purchase or dispose of assets (other than in accordance with the long-term plan) [6]

    • adopt a long-term plan, annual plan, or annual report [7]

    • appoint a chief executive [8]

    • adopt policies required to be adopted and consulted on in association with the long-term plan or developed for the purpose of the local governance statement [9]

    • adopt a remuneration and employment policy [10]

  4. Except as noted above, these decisions can generally be, and often are, delegated to other bodies for practical reasons, or if the governing body considers a decision can be more appropriately made at that level. Further detail is contained in Section 10: How council decisions are made.



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