5.3.4 Committee membership


  1. Governing body members 

    • The committees of the governing body are outlined in Auckland Council's Governing Body Terms of Reference. Regardless of whether they are members of the committee or not, any governing body member has the right to attend meetings. However, non-members are not able to vote on any matters arising at a meeting [1]. This standing order does not apply in the case of judicial or quasi-judicial deliberations [2].

  2. Independent Māori Statutory Board 

    • In 2009, the Independent Māori Statutory Board was established to ensure that Auckland Council acts in accordance with the statutory provisions of the Treaty of Waitangi. The IMSB promotes issues of cultural, economic and environmental significance for mana whenua and mataawaka in Tāmaki Makaurau [3]. For further information on the IMSB see the Independent Māori Statutory Board website.

    • The IMSB must appoint one or two representatives to each governing body committee that deals with the management of natural or physical resources, or to other committees at the invitation of the Governing Body. IMSB members contribute to the quorum of a committee [4]. 

    • IMSB members are subject to standing orders when taking part in council meetings.



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