3.2.2 Code of Conduct

  1. The Local Government Act 2002 requires the council to adopt a Code of Conduct that publicly sets out expectations for members [1]. Any changes require the approval of 75% or more of the Governing Body's members [2].The most recent version was adopted by the Governing Body in May 2021.
  2. The Code applies to all Governing Body members and all local board members [3]. It sets out the following:
      • Two principles – an ethical principle “trust” and a relationship principle “respect” [4].

      • Attachments – the Code has various attachments and these are summarised in this section. They include various policies, protocols and guidelines that all relate to the conduct of elected members [5].

      • Material breaches are defined. Material breaches are more serious in nature. Complaints about material breaches are referred to an external Conduct Commissioner [6].

      • Complaints – an elected member, a member of the public or the chief executive on behalf of staff, may lodge a complaint that an elected member has breached the Code. This section sets out the process and roles for investigators and Conduct Commissioners [7].

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