Governance Manual

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3. Elected members

Information relevant to elected members’ individual responsibilities rather than their collective role. 


3.1 Role and responsibilities

Elected members have different roles and responsibilities. They are elected to represent communities in their area and make decisions for and on behalf of those communities.

3.2 Conduct, roles and personal interests

There are expectations of how elected members act, and interact, with other members, staff and the public when they are carrying out their duties.

3.3 Resignations and vacancies

Elected members are able to resign their office by notice in writing addressed and delivered to the chief executive.

3.4 Personal liability, insurance and qualified privilege

Members of Auckland Council (including local board members and appointees to council committees or other subordinate decision-making bodies) are generally indemnified by Auckland Council.

3.5 Removal from office

The mayor and councillors are voted in to office for a three-year term. They cannot be removed by Governing Body resolution, by the Local Government Commission, or by the Minister of Local Government (or any other central government minister).