2.4.3 Leadership


  1. The mayor is the head of the council’s governing body and provides leadership to other elected members and the organisation (see Section 4). The mayor’s powers are set out in the Local Government (Auckland Council) Act and include:

    • promoting a vision for Auckland

    • providing leadership to achieve the vision

    • leading the development of council plans, policies and budgets

    • ensuring effective engagement between Auckland Council and the people of Auckland.

  2. The mayor is also responsible for appointing the deputy mayor, establishing the governing body’s committees and appointing committee chairs.

  3. Local boards provide local leadership. They were established to enable democratic decision-making by, and on behalf of, communities within their area and to better enable the purpose of local government to be given effect to within the local board area [1].

  4. Local board functions, duties and powers, include:

    • developing a local board plan every three years in consultation with its community

    • undertaking allocated decision-making (the Allocation Table is published in Volume 2 of the 10-year budget, pp219-227)

    • monitoring and implementing the local board agreement

    • communicating with community organisations within its local board area

    • undertaking responsibilities delegated to it

    • considering and reporting issues [2].



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