17.6.1 Statutory declarations


  1. The chief executive calls the first meetings following an election for the governing body and each of the 21 local boards [1].

  2. He/she also chairs the governing body’s inaugural meeting until the mayor has made the declaration [2]. The mayor then chairs the meeting and the other members make their declarations.

  3. The chief executive, or nominee (usually a member of the Executive Leadership Team), chairs local board inaugural meetings and each member makes a declaration, confirmed by the chief executive (or nominee). The members then elect a local board chairperson, who makes a chairperson’s declaration and chairs the meeting.

  4. The form of the declaration is prescribed in legislation. It is essentially a signed public statement that the member will perform his/her responsibilities in the best interests of the area (being the Auckland Council area for the mayor and governing body members and the local board area for each local board).



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