14.9.1 Pōhiri/pōwhiri (customary welcome)


  1. A formal customary welcome of manuhiri/manuwhiri (visitors) by tangata whenua (people of this land) is called a pōhiri/pōwhiri (some iwi spell this and pronounce it with a ‘wh’ and some with just an ‘h’).

  2. Pōwhiri follow a formal process of whaikōrero (formal speechmaking) which requires a high level of proficiency in te reo.  Once welcomed, guests are bound to a new level of relationship, similar to being accepted as one of the whānau.

  3. Pōwhiri are usually conducted on marae but can take place elsewhere and are also used to welcome elected members to their new responsibilities, at governing body meetings, at civic events involving mana whenua and at the openings of regional strategic assets and initiatives.



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