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Governance Manual

Online Governance manual


1. About the Auckland Council Governance Manual, He Puka Matarau

Auckland Council’s Governance Manual is an online, searchable guide to how the Auckland Council makes decisions.

2. Overview

This section gives a broad overview of Auckland Council and explains how its various structures fit together. 

3. Elected members

Information relevant to elected members’ individual responsibilities rather than their collective role. 


4. The Mayor of Auckland

The Mayor is elected Auckland-wide. Under the legislation that established Auckland Council, the Mayor... 

5. The governing body

Auckland Council’s governance is shared between the governing body (the mayor and 20 councillors) and the 21 local boards.

6. Local boards

Auckland Council’s governance is shared across the governing body and local boards.

7. Independent Māori Statutory Board

The Independent Māori Statutory Board acts to ensure Auckland Council takes the view of Māori in Tāmaki...

8. Advisory panels

Auckland Council’s advisory panels offer advice on policies, strategic issues...

9. The chief executive and council staff

The roles, responsibilities and delegations of the chief executive and council staff, and the relationship...

10. How council decisions are made

What type of decisions the council makes, who makes them, the principles governing them and the procedures...

11. Council-controlled Organisations

This chapter outlines the range of services and programmes Auckland Council...

12. Official information

This section outlines the council’s requirements for how it handles official information.



13. Te Tiriti o Waitangi and co-governance arrangements

This section sets out how te Tiriti o Waitangi / the Treaty of Waitangi applies to the council in a governance context and also discusses the co-governance arrangements, where the council shares governance of resources or assets with another entity. Many of these arrangements have arisen out of Tiriti / Treaty settlements.

14. Ceremonies and other conventions

This section outlines conventions around elected member involvement in different types of ceremonies and includes an outline of the...

15. The council and the law

The council obtains legal representation and advice which is subject to litigation and legal professional privilege.

16. Representation and reorganisation

This section explains what is involved with reorganisation proposals, as well as for reviews of representation...

17. Elections

This section outlines the process for Auckland Council elections, which are held every three years...