Governance Manual

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9.2.2 Roles and responsibilities of council staff


  1. By convention, council staff (other than the Mayoral Office’s political staff) are expected to be apolitical. That is, staff must maintain political impartiality at all times [1]. This is particularly important when giving advice and information to the council and the public.

  2. The advice given by staff to decision-makers is expected to meet Auckland Council's Quality Advice Standards [2]. The standards describe what good advice looks like in practice: it focuses on the decision-maker, includes credible options and analysis, and is simple and concise.
  3. Council staff are also expected to comply with all applicable policies and must be [3]:

    • Professional, impartial, ethical and honest – this includes acting lawfully and in accordance with the council’s policies, disclosing potential conflicts of interests, and acting honestly and ethically.

    • Respectful and courteous – this includes ensuring that language and behaviour are not threatening, offensive, abusive, harassing or bullying; protecting the privacy of individuals and maintaining confidentiality; and valuing and accepting diversity and treating all people with equity and fairness.

    • Accountable, trustworthy and responsible custodians of Auckland’s assets and funds – this includes never misusing or misappropriating council or CCO property or funds; considering the safety and security of others and council or CCO property and resources; treating information with care and using it only for authorised and appropriate purposes; and abiding by the council’s Gifts and Inducements policy.

  4. Delegations

    • Council employees act under the chief executive’s delegated authority.

    • The details of these delegations to staff are set out in the Chief Executive’s Delegation Register.



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