Governance Manual

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7.3.4 Membership selection


  1. The IMSB has 9 members composed of two mataawaka representatives and seven mana whenua representatives [1]. A term of office is three years [2].

  2. The members of the IMSB are appointed by a selection body. The Minister of Māori Affairs invites mana whenua groups to appoint representatives to the selection body [3]. This body meets several times to select the nine board members. If the selection panel is unable to appoint the members of the board, the Minister of Māori Affairs must appoint the members [4].

  3. Mana whenua board members are nominated by the iwi they represent. Each iwi has its own method of making nominations to the board.

  4. Recommendations for mataawaka representatives are presented to a selection panel of mana whenua in Auckland.

  5. The selection body makes appointments to the board and provides certificate of appointments to the Minister for Māori Development and to Auckland Council.



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