Governance Manual

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4.4.2 The mayor’s relationship with the governing body


  1. The mayor is a member and chair of the governing body and holds several formal roles and powers as set out elsewhere in this chapter:

    • as chair of the governing body

    • as a member of all committees

    • appointing the deputy mayor, committees and committee chairs

    • leading the development of the council’s plans, policies and budgets for consideration by the governing body.

  2. Like all public officials, the mayor must exercise these powers fairly, reasonably, and in accordance with law [1], and the democratic principles that underpin local government. The mayor may use the mayoral powers to obtain and build support among members of the governing body to achieve the objectives that will contribute to his/her vision for Auckland (including, for example, in favour of a particular proposal or vote) [2]

  3. As leader of the governing body, the mayor represents and speaks for the governing body’s official position, internally and externally. The mayor may also refer a matter to the relevant committee chair to speak on the governing body’s position.



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