Governance Manual

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4.7.2 The mayor’s role in appointment of CCO directors


  1. The appointment of CCO directors is governed by the council’s Appointment and Remuneration Policy for Boards Members of Council Organisations.

  2. By convention, the mayor plays a key role in nominating potential directors of CCOs, for consideration by the nomination panel. This panel comprises the mayor’s chief of staff or representative, the council chief executive, chair of the relevant CCO board, a member of the Independent Māori Statutory Board and up to two Councillors appointed by the governing body CCO committee [1].  The nomination panel is responsible for preparing a short list of candidates for consideration by the governing body CCO committee [2]. Ultimately that committee appoints CCO directors according to its delegations from the governing body and its established processes.

  3. In some cases the mayor may be empowered by legislation or deed to directly make appointments to CCOs. By convention, the mayor makes such appointments on the advice of the governing body (or its CCO committee) where these appointments are made on behalf of the council [3]. 



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