Governance Manual

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4.1.2 Leading the development of council plans, policies and budgets


  1. The mayor has a role to lead the development of the council’s plans (including long-term plans and annual plans), policies and budgets for consideration by the governing body [1].

  2. The mayor has broad scope to initiate, develop and propose draft plans and policies, both before and after any public consultation process. The mayor may also lead any public consultation process.

  3. The mayor has flexibility in undertaking these tasks, e.g. by deciding who is involved in the development of these proposals. In practice, the mayor receives assistance from staff (from the council and the Office of the Mayor) with the development of policy and proposals. The mayor may also choose to commission independent advice.

  4. Generally the council’s plans, policies and budgets must be adopted by a majority vote of the governing body. A majority vote of the governing body may also amend the mayor’s proposals [2].

  5. The mayor may use his or her leadership role and procedural powers as chair of the governing body to influence the council’s plans, policies and budgets. However, the mayor does not have executive powers to make these decisions instead of the governing body, nor the power to prevent (or veto) governing body decisions.



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