Governance Manual

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4.1.4 Leading and chairing the governing body


  1. The mayor has an important role in maintaining and coordinating the council’s governance. The mayor is a member and the chair of the governing body and must preside at each governing body meeting at which he/she is present unless he/she vacates the chair [1].

  2. The mayor, like any other governing body member, can vote at governing body meetings and also holds a casting vote [2]. The mayor may fully participate in governing body discussions without vacating the chair [3].

  3. As chair of the governing body, the mayor upholds the governing body’s Standing Orders and rules on all procedural questions not dealt with understanding orders [4]. The mayor must conduct the business of governing body meetings in accordance with the standing orders [5] and to exercise that function fairly, reasonably and legally. The mayor should not prevent council business from being debated and decided by the governing body, and cannot veto governing body decisions [6]. 

  4. As chair of the governing body, the mayor may permit and enable local board and public input that is relevant to the purpose of a governing body meeting [7].



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