Governance Manual

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4.1.3 Ensuring effective engagement with the people of Auckland


  1. The mayor has a role to ensure there is effective engagement between the council and the people of Auckland, including those too young to vote [1].

  2. To perform this role the mayor has the power to establish processes and mechanisms for engaging the people of Auckland [2]. This power may be used, for example, to establish or disestablish advisory panels, boards or reference groups that identify and communicate the interests of specific groups [3]. The mayor can decide which panels or other mechanisms to establish, including a method to make the mayor personally available to constituents as appropriate. This power may also be used to initiate consultation on a particular issue the mayor considers important.

  3. Statutory consultation undertaken by the council will normally be organised by staff. The mayor may work with council staff in formulating the scope and nature of major policy or planning processes.



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