Governance Manual

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3.2.2 Code of Conduct


  1. The Local Government Act 2002 requires the council to adopt a Code of Conduct that publicly sets out expectations for members [1]. Any changes require the approval of 75% or more of the governing body’s members [2].

  2. The Code applies to all governing body members and all local board members [3]. It sets out the following:

    • Objectives - to enhance the council’s effectiveness in meeting its statutory responsibility for good local government, its credibility and accountability within the community, and mutual trust, respect and tolerance between all elected members, as well as elected members and management [4].

    • Key principles - honesty and integrity, public interest, declaring private interests, impartiality, accountability, openness, respect, duty to uphold the law, stewardship and leadership [5].

    • Roles and responsibilities for members, staff, governing body, local boards

    • The relationships and expected behaviours of members.

    • The council’s conflict of interest policy.

    • Compliance, including the process for any Code of Conduct complaint.

    • A short explanation of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, and other Acts [6].



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