Governance Manual

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14.9 Customary Māori ceremonies


  1. Customary ceremonies are led by iwi, with the ability for council leaders to participate in the process and take active roles. Iwi and council staff will guide members through this process.
  2. Consideration needs to be taken to provide adequate time for the cultural protocols to take place, and advice should be sought as a general guide, to not cause frustration or offence on both sides.

14.9.1 Pōhiri/pōwhiri (customary welcome)

A formal customary welcome of manuhiri/manuwhiri (visitors)...

14.9.2 Whakatau (customary welcome)

The whakatau follows a less formal, shorter, process from a...

14.9.3 Tangihanga (customary funeral)

A tangihanga is a customary funeral...

14.9.4 Karakia

Karakia are conducted to remove tapu (imposed restriction), when dedicating

14.9.5 Detail for powhiri and whakatau

This table sets out more detail relating to powhiri and whakatau...