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14.6 Citizenship ceremonies


  1. The Department of Internal Affairs makes decisions on citizenship but local authorities host citizenship ceremonies. For citizenship application enquiries, email For enquiries regarding citizenship ceremonies, contact Auckland Council on (09) 301 0101. 

  2. Under the council’s allocation of decision-making, citizenship ceremonies are the responsibility of local boards as part of their planning, policy and governance activities. The local board chair hears the oath on behalf of Auckland Council.

  3. Auckland Council organises citizenship ceremonies for approximately 15,000 new citizenship ceremonies each year. These are held every four to six weeks across the region.

  4. The format of ceremonies varies slightly depending on the preferences of the local board. Typically they include:

    • karakia

    • kaumatua mihi/ welcome

    • local board chair welcome

    • Department of Internal Affairs DVD*[1]

    • administration of oath or affirmation of allegiance to candidates*

    • singing of the national anthem*

    • kapa haka entertainment

    • presentation of citizenship certificates to candidates* by the local board chair.

  5. The ceremony’s focus is to celebrate and acknowledge the new citizen’s commitment to New Zealand. Local board members, ward councillors and the mayor are invited to attend and form part of the official party on the presentation stage.

  6. Any New Zealand citizen on the electoral roll has the right to be nominated as a candidate for local body elections.



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